Адкрыйце для сябе высакаякасныя рэдуктары пасляпродажнага абслугоўвання для абсталявання Bush Hog

Whether you’re looking to replace a worn-out gearbox or upgrade your existing equipment, WLY offers an excellent selection of aftermarket gearboxes for Bush Hog equipment. Featuring robust designs and exceptional performance, our products are engineered to meet the exacting standards of today’s agricultural operations.

WLY’s Comer Rotary Cutter Gearbox: LF-140J

One of our standout products is the new aftermarket replacement gearbox for the Comer Rotary Cutter Model: LF-140J. This gearbox features a 1:1.5 ratio and a 1 3/8″ 6-spline input shaft, along with a 15-spline output shaft. It can handle an input of 540 RPM and operates with a counter-clockwise rotation.

Please note that the output shaft has tapered splines and requires a bushing, which must be bought separately. The product’s mounting pattern measures 203.2mm.

Key Features of the LF-140J

  • Магутнасць: 60 HP
  • Input Shaft (A): 1 3/8″ 6 spline
  • Output Shaft (B): 15 spline
  • Уваход: 540 абаротаў у хвіліну
  • Rotation: Counter Clockwise (CCW)

WLY Replacement Gear Box 81444 for Bush Hog RZ160 and RZ60

We also offer the aftermarket replacement Gear Box 81444, which fits the Bush Hog RZ160 and RZ60 models. The gearbox ratio is 1:1.47 and it features a 1-3/8″ round bore input shaft. The 12-spline output shaft has tapered splines and a 40 mm spline and nut. The mounting pattern for this gearbox is 171.5mm. It’s rated at 40 hp at 540 rpm and operates with a counter-clockwise rotation. This gearbox fits a variety of rotary cutters.

Key Features of the Gear Box 81444

  • Конскія сілы: 40
  • Input: 540 RPM
  • Input Shaft (A): 1 3/8″ round bore
  • Output Shaft (B): 12 spline
  • Ratio: 1: 1.47
  • Rotation: Counter Clockwise (CCW)

Why Choose WLY for Your Aftermarket Gearbox Needs?

At WLY, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products at competitive prices. Our gearboxes are crafted using high-grade materials for long-lasting durability, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We also offer unparalleled customer service, with a knowledgeable team ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. We strongly encourage you to explore our range of products and contact us for any purchase inquiries.

Common Questions About Our Aftermarket Gearboxes

1. What models do the WLY aftermarket gearboxes fit?

The WLY replacement Gearbox LF-140J fits the Comer Rotary Cutter Model: LF-140J, while the Gear Box 81444 fits the Bush Hog RZ160 and RZ60 models.

2. What is the power rating of these gearboxes?

The LF-140J has a power rating of 60 HP, while the Gear Box 81444 is rated at 40 HP.

3. Are there any additional parts required for these gearboxes?

For the LF-140J model, a bushing for the output shaft with tapered splines needs to be purchased separately.


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