Адкрыйце для сябе дасканаласць спіральных чарвячных рухавікоў для аптымальнай эфектыўнасці

Introduction to Helical Worm Gear Motors

Helical worm gear motors, specifically the S..DR.. series, are renowned for their superior efficiency and design. The combination of the helical gear stage significantly enhances their utility, resulting in a high-efficiency, low-noise motor system. This unique design helps in avoiding high noise emission levels, creating a quiet workspace.

Low-Noise Continuous Operation

Our helical worm gear motors are optimized for efficiency, providing impressive drive solutions with an exceptional level of efficiency. The modular system allows these gear motors to be implemented individually, offering a wide range of sizes, gear ratios, and motor sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Smooth Running and Low Noise Development

The most significant strength of the шрубавы матор is its smooth operation and low noise development. Despite its powerful drive solution, it operates so quietly that you will hardly even notice it running. This unique feature makes it an ideal choice for environments where noise reduction is crucial.

Practical Product Characteristics and Benefits

The overall design of our helical worm gear motors includes many practical product characteristics and benefits. These include the significantly higher efficiency of the helical-worm combinations as compared to single helical-worm gear devices. This helps you save extra energy in the operation of your systems and noticeably reduces ongoing working costs.

Variety of AC Motors

We offer the low-noise helical-worm gear motors with a variety of AC motors to suit your individual requirements. You can freely configure all of the relevant properties, allowing you to effectively use all the benefits provided by this combination of low-noise helical-worm gear unit and performance-optimized motor. Further variance can be achieved thanks to the optional flange or foot-mounted style and by choosing between solid and hollow shaft.

Save Money and Time with WLY

Choosing WLY gear motors means saving time and money on selection and project planning. Our modular system allows a multitude of combination options for gear units and motors, reducing operating costs and ensuring a long service life. Moreover, you can benefit from the simplified maintenance that is a characteristic of our brand.


Excellent Product Features

WLY gear motors offer a wide range of features, including quiet and reliable transmission of torque, a high overload capacity, and a high strength cast iron casing for selected models. They also offer application-specific solutions and versatile installation possibilities. Moreover, they are completely enclosed, sealed against dust and water spray, and have low noise gearing.

Чаму выбіраюць WLY?

WLY provides economical, right-angle, worm-geared motors that are reliable, performant, and economical. Our products meet North American and International standards, including NEMA, IEC, CSA, and CE. We assure worldwide acceptance, making us a total solution for our global customers. With excellent protection of IP65 according to IEC 529, our products are dust-tight and hose-proof, suitable for use outside or in wet and dusty conditions without the need for additional enclosures. Furthermore, our products offer full rated output at the output shaft of the machine.

Пытанні і адказы

1. What is the efficiency level of WLY’s helical worm gear motors?

The helical worm gear motors by WLY are designed for high efficiency. They are more efficient than standard helical-worm gear units due to their unique design and the use of optimized worm wheel materials with unique lubricants.

2. Can WLY’s gear motors operate in harsh conditions?

Yes, WLY gear motors are designed to operate under harsh conditions. They have excellent protection of IP65 according to IEC 529, making them dust-tight and hose-proof. They can be used outside or in wet and dusty conditions without the use of additional enclosures.

3. How can WLY’s gear motors help in reducing operating costs?

WLY gear motors help in reducing operating costs in several ways. Firstly, the high-efficiency design of the motors helps in saving extra energy, reducing the energy costs. Secondly, the motors are designed for a long service life, reducing the costs associated with frequent replacements. Lastly, the simplified maintenance characteristic of WLY’s brand reduces the costs related to maintenance.


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