Адкрыйце для сябе перавагу пластыкавых зорачак ролікавага ланцуга WLY

WLY is a top-notch provider of plastic power transmission components. We offer plastic sprockets in ANSI sizes #25 – #80, made from high-quality UHMW, Nylatron, or Nylon materials. Other materials, such as Repro and Acetal, can also be utilized. We craft these plastic sprockets to meet any specification, including metric, dual pitch, duplex, engineer class, and custom designs. Using a plastic roller chain sprocket offers numerous benefits, including quieter operation, better wear life, high impact resistance, and FDA approval.

Advantages of Plastic Roller Chain Sprockets

Our plastic sprockets are designed for superior performance. They offer better tooth deflection than standard metal sprockets, meaning that multiple teeth share the load of the roller chain. This distributes stress evenly across the sprocket, matching the full operating load of the chain.

Types of Plastic Sprockets

A-Plate Sprocket

The A-plate style of plastic roller chain sprocket has no hub on either side.

Зорачка B-Hub

The B-hub style sprocket has a hub on one side.

C-Hub Sprocket

The C-hub style sprocket features a hub on both sides.

Bore Designs for Plastic Sprockets

Standard bore designs for our plastic sprockets include a stock bore, finished bore, and idler sprocket. We can also provide bearing idler plastic sprockets, bronze bore idler sprockets, or plain bore style, based on the shaft size you specify.

Accompanying Plastic Roller Chain

Besides plastic sprockets, we also offer the accompanying plastic roller chain. We stock ANSI sizes 25 – 40 in acetal, Delrin, Kynar, Nylatron, and polypropylene. We also carry poly steel chain, which features polypropylene inner links and 304-stainless steel pin links.

Introducing our Featured Plastic Sprockets

We’re proud to highlight our range of Nylatron GS-51 plastic sprockets, available in various sizes and readily customizable to your exact specifications. These sprockets are lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, and manufactured to meet ANSI standards.

25B10 Plastic Sprocket


25B11 Plastic Sprocket

25B12 Plastic Sprocket

25B14 Plastic Sprocket

Чаму выбіраюць WLY?

At WLY, we’re committed to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our service is second to none, and our manufacturing strength is reflected in the superior performance of our products. We encourage you to explore our range of plastic sprockets and roller chains, and to contact us for a quote or more information. We look forward to assisting you with your power transmission needs.

Часта задаюць пытанні

What materials are used in WLY’s plastic sprockets?

WLY’s plastic sprockets are made from high-quality UHMW, Nylatron, or Nylon. We can also use other materials like Repro and Acetal based on your requirements.

What are the advantages of using a plastic roller chain sprocket?

Plastic roller chain sprockets operate quieter, offer better wear life, and are highly resistant to impact and corrosion. They are also FDA approved.

Can the bore size of the sprocket be customized?

Yes, we can machine re-bore the sprocket to your desired size. Please contact us with your specifications.


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