Павялічце свае грузападымальныя магчымасці з дапамогай сістэмы шківаў лябёдкі WLY

The WLY winch pulley series snatch block is a widely popular type, used extensively for moving loads over short distances. Easily attachable to rigging points, these snatch blocks can significantly increase the winch pulling ability, proving to be indispensable for any winching task.

Introduction to WLY Snatch Pulley Blocks

Often referred to as a winch pulley, diverter pulley, snatch pulley, or pulley block, WLY snatch pulley blocks are renowned in the lifting and marine sectors due to their simple mechanism in extending winch lifting capacities. They are designed to deflect a wire rope with leading hook suspension or as shackle suspended, without causing any damage to the rope.

Interconnection and Doubling Range

WLY’s snatch pulley blocks allow the interconnection of a looped rope or cable, eliminating the need for time-consuming threading of the cable. Thus, you can easily double the range, effectively doubling the lifting capacity of the snatch block and winch.

Choose from Our Variety of Pulleys

Our selection of pulleys comes with hook mounting for quick installation or a shackle mounting for a more permanent setup. We also provide single sheave or double sheave blocks. WLY winch pulley snatch blocks feature a hinged side plate so that wire rope can be fitted quickly and without the need for reeving. Explore our selection of snatch pulley blocks today.

Looking for a Winch Pulley System?

WLY has been designing and manufacturing a diverse range of winches for multiple uses. Our rescue hoists are recognized globally for their flexibility, lightness, and reliability. We also tailor-make portable and lifting winches based on customers’ requirements, used in various fields like ski lift, construction sectors, and rescue operations.

Unique Winches and Equipment

Our products include unique winches and equipment that offer you a safe and reliable solution for your specific needs. For more information on our winch pulley system, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose WLY Winch Pulley?

WLY winch pulley is more than just a professional tool; it is an all-round tool that can work in any 360-degree rotating direction and move along a flat wire, being the first in the world to do so. Its light weight, compactness, simple structure, affordability, and multi-functionality broaden its product concept to a convenient tool as portable as a screwdriver or hand drill.

Аўтаматычная тармазная сістэма

WLY winch pulley is equipped with an integrated backlash brake, eliminating the need for any additional brake system. This feature essentially resolves brake problems, which are the most significant shortcomings of conventional material handling devices.

High-Speed Reducer

WLY winch pulley comes with a high ratio, small and light speed reducer that works as a back lash brake.

Наш унікальны шкіў

WLY winch pulley is equipped with a new technology that overcomes the limitations of conventional V-belt pulley systems and wedgy technology. This technology allows for perfect power transmission and brake capabilities without any additional brake part or locker by moving the cable rope through the pulley.

At WLY, we focus on delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. Our exceptional customer service, coupled with our extensive product range, makes us a trusted name in the industry. We encourage you to explore our products and contact us for any further information or to make a purchase.

Часта задаюць пытанні

1. Can WLY winch pulley be used in any direction?

Yes, the WLY winch pulley can work in any 360-degree rotating direction and move along a flat wire.

2. Does WLY winch pulley come with a brake system?

Yes, the WLY winch pulley is equipped with an integrated backlash brake, eliminating the need for any additional brake system.

3. Can the WLY winch pulley system be customized?

Yes, at WLY, we customize portable and lifting winches based on customers’ requirements.


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