Палепшыце сваё энергаабсталяванне з дапамогай найлепшых маторных шківаў WLY

WLY’s Steel Drive Pulley is a versatile and robust replacement part designed to enhance the performance of your lawn & garden, farm, and commercial outdoor power equipment. Crafted from stamped metal and copper-brazed for enhanced strength, this pulley is ideal for do-it-yourself applications.

Асноўныя характарыстыкі прадукту

  • Матэрыял сталі
  • Includes a 3/16-18 Set Screw and Standard Keyway
  • Dimensions: 4 in. Dia. (Overall), 5/8 in. Dia. (Bore) Size
  • Compatible with 5L, B and 4L, A (Combination Groove) Belts

WLY 1-1/8 in. Cast Iron Pulley A/B Type, 4 in. OD

Our Cast Iron Pulleys are available in both set bore or bushed bore types, with single and double groove options for use with 5L or B type belts. These versatile pulleys can also accommodate 4L or A type belts in many applications. Featuring split taper bushings for use with bushed bore types, these pulleys are the perfect power transmission solution.


Enhanced Mechanical Performance

WLY’s double pulleys are designed to increase your mechanical performance when you need more pulling power. We also offer a variety of bushing sizes for pulley axles, allowing you to create the pulleys you need for your specific applications.

Якасць і разнастайнасць

From reducer bushings to a wide range of motor sheaves, WLY offers quality products designed to meet your power transmission needs. Whether you need light duty pulleys or double pulleys, we have the necessary sheaves, including variable speed pulleys, to accommodate your requirements.

Перавага WLY

WLY is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a broad range of motor pulleys to meet diverse needs. Our products are renowned for their durability, low maintenance costs, excellent finish, and easy installation. With WLY, you can be assured of quality products at competitive prices.

Часта задаюць пытанні

What types of belts are WLY’s pulleys compatible with?

WLY’s pulleys are compatible with 5L, B and 4L, A (Combination Groove) Belts.

Do WLY’s pulleys come with set screws and keyways?

Yes, WLY’s pulleys include a 3/16-18 set screw and standard keyway.

What materials are WLY’s pulleys made from?

WLY’s pulleys are made from durable steel and cast iron, ensuring long service life and low maintenance costs.

We encourage you to explore our range of products and contact us for any inquiries or purchases. Trust WLY for all your power transmission needs.


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