Карданны вал палявога апырсквальніка: надзейная і эфектыўная трансмісія энергіі для сельскай гаспадаркі


The Field Sprayer PTO Shaft is a durable and reliable power transmission system designed for use in agricultural machinery. It uses a Power Take-Off (PTO) mechanism to transfer power from the tractor to the implement, enabling efficient and precise operation in the field.

Структура карданнага вала


  • Size: Available in various sizes and lengths to fit different equipment
  • Weight: Varies depending on size and model
  • Material: High-quality steel for maximum durability
  • Магутнасць: да 150 конскіх сіл
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with a wide range of agricultural equipment


  • Трывалая канструкцыя для працяглай працы
  • Прастата ва ўсталёўцы і абслугоўванні
  • Плыўная і эфектыўная перадача магутнасці
  • Сумяшчальны з шырокім спектрам сельскагаспадарчага абсталявання
  • Абсталяваны функцыямі бяспекі для бяспечнай працы

Карданны вал у выкарыстанні


The Field Sprayer PTO Shaft is compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery, including tractors, harvesters, and mowers. It is designed to fit specific makes and models, ensuring a perfect match for your equipment. See our website for a full list of compatible equipment.

Прымяненне карданнага вала


Installing the Field Sprayer PTO Shaft is easy and straightforward. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Position the implement and tractor so that the PTO shaft can reach between them.
  2. Slide the PTO shaft into the tractor’s PTO output shaft.
  3. Attach the implement end of the PTO shaft to the implement’s PTO input shaft.
  4. Secure the safety shields in place.
  5. Test the PTO shaft to ensure it is functioning properly before use.

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Устаноўка карданнага вала Крок 2
Устаноўка карданнага вала Крок 3
Устаноўка карданнага вала Крок 4

тэхнічнае абслугоўванне

To ensure long-lasting performance, the Field Sprayer PTO Shaft should be properly maintained. Check the shaft regularly for wear and damage and replace any damaged parts immediately. Additional maintenance instructions can be found in the product manual.

Тэхнічнае абслугоўванне карданнага вала

Карданныя валы і сельскагаспадарчыя рэдуктары

The PTO Shaft and Agricultural Gearbox are two essential components of agricultural machinery that work together to provide efficient power transmission. The PTO Shaft transfers power from the tractor to the implement, while the Agricultural Gearbox provides the necessary speed reduction to ensure the implement operates correctly. Our company offers high-quality Agricultural Gearboxes for sale, in addition to our range of PTO Shafts.

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