Ланцугі захопаў для высакахуткасных працэсаў аўтаматызацыі

Gripper chains play a crucial role in the high-speed automation industry by providing accurate and reliable clamping for a variety of applications. Here are some key points and explanations about gripper chains for high-speed automation processes:

Што такое захопныя ланцугі?

Gripper chains are conveyor chains that have a series of grippers attached to them. These grippers clamp onto the product being conveyed and ensure that it moves along the conveyor without slipping or sliding. Gripper chains are commonly used in high-speed automation processes where precision and reliability are essential.

Надзейная канструкцыя заціскнога механізму

After years of research and practice, our gripper chain now adopts a more reliable clamping mechanism design, which brings higher performance to the chain. The new design enhances the clamping force of the gripper chain while also making it more durable and long-lasting.

Унікальны вясновы дызайн

The spring design of our gripper chain is unique. It¡¯s made of high-quality imported material and passes the very strict pressure test. All these guarantee the clamping performance is excellent and everlasting. The unique design of the spring ensures that the gripper chain can withstand the forces of the conveyor belt and the material being conveyed while maintaining its clamping performance.

Прымяненне ланцуга захопу плёнкі

Our gripper chains are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

1. Ежа: вяндліна, каўбаса, сыр, хлеб

In the food industry, gripper chains are used to transport delicate food products without damaging them. Our gripper chains are made of stainless steel or nickel-plated steel, which makes them corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

2. Электрычныя: правадныя

In the electric industry, gripper chains are used to transport delicate wires and cables without damaging them. Our gripper chains are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the forces of the conveyor belt while maintaining their clamping performance.

3. Медыцына: шпрыц для ін'екцый, фармацэўтычныя прэпараты

In the medical industry, gripper chains are used to transport delicate and sensitive medical products, such as injection syringes and pharmaceuticals. Our gripper chains are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they are safe and reliable.

Захопныя ланцугі Зорачкі для захопных ланцугоў

Gripper chain sprockets are essential components that work in conjunction with gripper chains. The sprockets are typically made from steel or aluminum, and they have a series of teeth that engage with the links of the gripper chain.

The number of teeth on the sprocket determines the speed of the gripper chain, and the size of the teeth determines the amount of force that the sprocket can apply to the chain. We provide high-quality gripper chain stainless steel sprockets for sale that are durable and reliable.


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У WLY мы аддаем перавагу пабудове трывалых адносін з нашымі кліентамі, забяспечваючы спагадную і персаналізаваную падтрымку. Наша каманда імкнецца аператыўна адказваць на запыты, прапаноўваць тэхнічную дапамогу і забяспечваць бездакорны вопыт для нашых паважаных кліентаў. Выберыце WLY для цэласнага падыходу да ланцуговых рашэнняў ¨C, дзе якасць, даступнасць і выдатны сэрвіс збліжаюцца, каб палепшыць вашу бізнес-аперацыю.

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