Максімальная эфектыўнасць з раздзяляльнымі заціскнымі хамутамі з нержавеючай сталі

Stainless Steel Collar Split Clamping Collars, or Stainless Steel Split Collection Collars, are versatile tools that excel as end stops, for repairing components, or clamping. The 303 stainless construction, complete with stainless grub screws, ensures a durable and reliable product. These clamping collars are designed with precision to eliminate any risk of harm to the shaft surface, even under substantial clamping forces.

The Ultimate Clamping Solution: Climax Part 1C-056-S Clamping Collar

The Climax Part 1C-056-S Clamping Collar stands out with its T303 Stainless Steel construction. This material thrives in corrosive environments, ensuring a long lifespan. The distinct design fully engages the shaft without causing any damage and provides a 360° clamping force. This clamping collar is an effective solution for both hard and soft shafts.

асноўныя асаблівасці

  • Эфектыўна на цвёрдых і мяккіх валах
  • Канструкцыя цалкам задзейнічае вал без пашкоджанняў
  • Сіла заціску на 360 °
  • Нержавеючая сталь T303 эфектыўная ў агрэсіўных асяроддзях

Clamp Collars: Versatility and Strength

Clamp collars can be a crucial component in power transmission. Their unique ability to keep bearings and sprockets on shafts, situate components in engine and gearbox assemblies, and serve as mechanical stops makes them an indispensable tool. The two-piece clamping shaft collar design wraps easily around a hard or soft shaft without causing any damage. Additionally, these collars come with set screws for locking onto a smooth or predrilled shaft.

Дадатковыя магчымасці

  • AISI 303 STAINLESS, sandblasted matt finish
  • AISI нержавеючыя шрубы
  • Цыліндрычная галоўка з шасціграннай раструбам
  • Пастаўляецца ў сабраным выглядзе
  • Допуск вала = h11

Maximizing Utility with One-Piece Clamping Collars

The one-piece clamping collars by WLY offer superior clamping force compared to set screw shaft collars. They are guaranteed not to mar the shaft and deliver excellent holding power. Made of T303 stainless steel, these collars provide excellent corrosion resistance. Our shaft collars are available in several different styles to meet your needs.

Чаму выбіраюць WLY?

At WLY, we pride ourselves on delivering products of the highest quality. We have been in business for over 60 years and are the leading manufacturer of shaft collars, rigid couplings, and keyless locking assemblies. Our fair market pricing and excellent customer service set us apart from the competition. We invite you to explore our product range and contact us for any inquiries.


Агульныя пытанні

Q: Can the clamping collars be used on both hard and soft shafts?

A: Yes, our clamping collars are designed to work effectively on both hard and soft shafts.

Q: Is the T303 stainless steel construction resistant to corrosion?

A: Absolutely, the T303 stainless steel used in our products excels in corrosive environments, ensuring a long lifespan.

Q: Can the one-piece clamping collars mar the shaft?

A: No, our one-piece clamping collars are guaranteed not to mar the shaft, providing excellent holding power without causing any damage.

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