Рэвалюцыйная эфектыўнасць з чарвячнымі рэдуктарамі WLY

Understanding the essentials of a robust gear system is pivotal. Our Worm Gear Units are unique as they are designed to ensure top-notch performance. These gear units are renowned for their innovative features that enhance not only productivity but also longevity. Here, we delve into the core attributes of our Worm Gear Units.

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Our worm gear units are intelligently designed with a motor mounting flange that is separable from the casing. This unique attribute incorporates an oil seal, eliminating any risk of damaging the oil seal during the replacement of the input flange. This feature allows for ease of maintenance and ensures a longer life for the gear unit.

Use of O-Rings

All the separable covers, both swinging and with feet, use O-rings instead of traditional flat gaskets. This innovative approach provides a tighter seal, ensuring optimal performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Гнуткая ратацыя

The worm gear units’ sizes 03-04-05 offer the flexibility of the rotation of the feet without the need for disassembly. The models with swinging separable covers enable the lateral flanges to be installed on both sides using simple fixing screws. This attribute ensures easy installation and maintenance.

High Performance Worm-Wheel Coupling

The worm screw incorporates a ZI involute profile, providing a high-performance worm-wheel coupling. This design results in enhanced efficiency and a significant reduction in temperature during operation, prolonging the gear unit’s lifespan.

Трывалы і пругкі

WLY’s worm gearboxes and motors are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour epoxy powder to protect the components from oxidation and against micro-blowholes that may occur due to the pressure of die-castings. This protective layer ensures longevity and performance consistency.

Палепшанае перадаткавае стаўленне

The CHPC pre-stage gears can also be mounted with our worm gear units, enabling a gear ratio of up to 1:300. For larger reductions, two gears can be coupled together using a suitable kit, offering unprecedented versatility.


Why Choose WLY Worm Gear Units?

Choosing WLY’s worm gear units guarantees a product of superior quality, serviced by a company committed to customer satisfaction. We offer competitive pricing and a well-rounded service package to ensure our customers receive the best value for their investment.

We strongly encourage our customers to explore our product range and contact us for any inquiries or purchases. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with any questions and provide expert advice on the best products to suit your specific needs.

Агульныя пытанні

What makes the WLY worm gear unit unique?

Our worm gear units’ unique design features, including the separable motor mounting flange and use of O-Rings, offer superior longevity and ease of maintenance.

How does WLY ensure high performance?

WLY incorporates innovative design features such as a ZI involute profile worm screw and a high gear ratio, ensuring top performance and efficiency.

How does WLY protect the worm gear units from oxidation?

WLY worm gearboxes and motors are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour epoxy powder, protecting them from oxidation and potential damage from micro-blowholes.


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