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At WLY, we pride ourselves on our integrated and coordinated development of thermoforming machines and tools. Our unique approach to the thermoforming market offers our customers unparalleled benefits. With our team of skilled experts in both device and machine engineering, we are able to provide a synergy effect that enhances the service life of both machines and equipment while ensuring optimal component quality. We continually strive to exceed your expectations and ensure your success with our top-quality products.

Meeting Precision Needs with Custom Gear Racks

For many years, machine tool builders have manufactured their own precision gear racks to achieve ultra-precise positioning on their machines. This was a necessity as their critical customers demanded accurate positioning without any error compensation on the axis. However, to cut costs without compromising on quality, these builders sought out a gear rack supplier capable of achieving the same stringent rack tolerances and performance levels.

As a solution, WLY provided an Ultra-High Precision DIN 4 (UHPR) gear rack, featuring a total pitch deviation of less than twelve microns (< 0.012 mm) over a one-meter length. To ensure rack strength, the root of the teeth along with the tooth flanks were hardened. Precision grinding was then used to meet the required flatness tolerances on the back and sides of the rack.

Industrial Sprockets & Gears, Inc. – A Testament to Our Capability

At Industrial Sprockets & Gears, Inc., we have the capability to manufacture complex gears and sprockets that other manufacturers simply cannot. We recently produced a helical gear rack for a Maag gear manufacturing machine that was 6′ long, with a nominal cross-section of 3” by 2”, constructed of 4130 steel.

Production of Replacement Parts

Our customer needed a replacement part, which was crucial to the operation of their machine. Previously, they had struggled to find a manufacturer capable of producing the required size of helical rack. However, many of our customers have found that our replacement parts exceed the quality of their original parts.

Our Unique Position in the Market

Many of our projects are one-of-a-kind in the market, representing some of the most challenging sizes and geometries of gears produced today. We maintain an array of rare gear shaping machines and advanced CNC milling and turning centers, which allows us to produce a wide variety of gear, sprocket, worm, and rack sizes, shapes, and patterns.

Quality Exceeding Expectations

The customer was not only thrilled to find a manufacturer capable of producing the component, but also remarked that the quality far exceeded their expectations. We were able to produce this helical gear rack with a lead time of just two weeks.

Exploring the Potential of Rack and Pinion Drive Systems

One common type of gear system is a rack and pinion drive, which consists of a rack (or a “linear gear”) and a pinion (or “circular gear”). The maximum force that can be transmitted by a rack and pinion drive system is largely determined by the tooth pitch and the size of the pinion.

Unbeatable Quality, Price, and Service

At WLY, we offer superior product quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. We invite you to explore our range of products and experience the difference for yourself. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your gear rack needs.


Часта задаюць пытанні

1. What makes your gear racks superior to others on the market?

Our gear racks are crafted with precision and designed to meet exact tolerances, ensuring optimal performance and longer service life.

2. Can you manufacture custom gear racks?

Yes, we have the capability to produce custom gear racks tailored to your specific needs, irrespective of the complexity or size.

3. What is the lead time for producing a custom gear rack?

We aim to produce custom gear racks within a lead time of just two weeks, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.


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