Пошук і ліквідацыю праблем з выраўноўваннем ланцуга захопу


Gripper chains are widely used in various industries for conveying materials. Proper alignment of the gripper chain is crucial for the efficient functioning of the conveyor system. However, sometimes, alignment issues can occur, which can lead to problems like slipping of the chain, damages to the chain or conveyor system, etc. In this article, we will discuss the troubleshooting steps for gripper chain alignment issues.

Пошук і ліквідацыю праблем з выраўноўваннем ланцуга захопу

Loose Chain Tension

One of the common reasons for gripper chain alignment issues is loose chain tension. Loose chain tension leads to uneven distribution of the load, which can cause misalignment. To fix this issue, check the chain’s tension and adjust it as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Worn or Damaged Chain

Worn or damaged gripper chain can also cause alignment issues. Check the chain regularly for any damages or wear and tear. If the chain is damaged, replace it immediately with a new one.

Incorrect Speed Ratio

The speed ratio between the gripper chain and the sprocket can cause alignment issues if it is not within the recommended range. Check the speed ratio and adjust it if necessary.

Improper Sprocket Alignment

Improper sprocket alignment is another probable cause of gripper chain alignment issues. Check the sprocket alignment with the help of a straight edge. If the alignment is incorrect, adjust it accordingly.

Gripper Chains Unique Features

Надзейная канструкцыя заціскнога механізму

Our gripper chain adopts a more reliable clamping mechanism design after years of research and practice. The new design brings higher performance to the chain.

Унікальны вясновы дызайн

The spring design of our gripper chain is unique. It’s made of high-quality imported material and passes strict pressure tests. All these ensure excellent and everlasting clamping performance.

Прымяненне ланцуга захопу плёнкі

Our gripper chains are widely used in various industries, including:

  • Ежа: вяндліна, каўбаса, сыр, хлеб
  • Электрычныя: провад
  • Медыцына: ін'екцыйныя шпрыцы, фармацэўтычныя прэпараты

Our gripper chains are available in stainless steel and nickel-plated steel to meet different usage requirements.

Захопныя ланцугі Зорачкі для захопных ланцугоў

Gripper chain sprockets engage with the links of the gripper chain and determine the speed of the chain. The size of the teeth on the sprocket determines the amount of force that the sprocket can apply to the chain. We offer high-quality gripper chain stainless steel sprockets for sale to ensure optimal performance.

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