Разуменне электрарухавікоў: поўнае кіраўніцтва

Electric motors are an integral part of our daily lives, powering numerous devices and machinery. Let’s delve deeper into the world of electric motors and understand how they work, their types, and their applications.

Што такое электрычны рухавік?

An electric motor belongs to a class of devices that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, typically making use of electromagnetic phenomena. These devices use electricity as their power source, hence they are also known as electromechanical transducers. They stand in contrast to generators, which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

The Mechanism of Electric Motors

At the core of an electric motor, you will find a stator and a rotor. The stator, derived from the Latin term “stare” meaning “to stand still”, is the stationary part of the motor. The rotor, on the other hand, is mounted to the motor shaft and is capable of movement (rotation).

In AC motors, the stator comprises a laminated core wrapped in copper wires. This winding functions as a coil and generates a rotating magnetic field when electricity passes through the wires. This magnetic field induces an electrical current in the rotor, causing it to rotate and follow the rotating magnetic field of the stator.

Віды электрарухавікоў

While the DC electric motor was the first to be invented, today, AC motors of various designs are predominantly used in the industry. Despite their differences, all electric motors have a common output – the rotary motion of the motor axis.

Рухавікі пастаяннага току

DC motors consist of a stationary part, the stator, and a moving part, the rotor, or armature. The stator usually contains a power magnet or permanent magnets that generate a magnetic field. The rotor, wrapped in a coil, becomes an electromagnet when connected to a DC power source. To keep the rotor in continuous motion, the magnetic alignment needs to be reversed repeatedly, achieved by changing the current direction in the coil.

Asynchronous AC Motors

Unlike DC motors, AC motors require three-phase alternating current. Asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors, work via electromagnetically induced voltage. The rotor in these motors is a squirrel cage rotor, which rotates due to the electromagnetic induction. Asynchronous motors operate asynchronously because the rotor’s speed never matches the rotating magnetic field’s speed.

AC Synchronous Motors

In synchronous motors, the rotor has permanent magnets instead of windings or conductor rods. These motors rotate synchronously without any slip at the same speed as that of the stator magnetic field. As a result, synchronous motors feature higher efficiency, power density, and possible speeds compared to asynchronous motors.

Лінейныя рухавікі

Apart from rotating devices, linear motors are used for movements on straight or curved tracks. These motors generate translational motion directly and are primarily used in machine tools and handling systems.

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Часта задаюць пытанні

1. What is the difference between AC and DC motors?

Answer: The primary difference lies in the type of electricity they use. DC motors use direct current, while AC motors use alternating current.

2. Which type of motor is more efficient – AC or DC?

Answer: Generally, AC motors, particularly synchronous motors, are more efficient than DC motors due to their synchronous speed with the stator magnetic field.

3. Can I use an AC motor for a DC application?

Answer: No, AC motors and DC motors are not interchangeable due to their different operating mechanisms. Please ensure you use the correct type of motor for your specific application.


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