Разуменне эпіцыклічнай скрынкі перадач: поўнае кіраўніцтва

Introduction to Epicyclic Gearbox

In an epicyclic or planetary gear train, several spur gears are distributed evenly around the circumference, operating between a gear with internal teeth and a gear with external teeth on a concentric orbit. The circulation of the spur gear occurs in a manner analogous to the orbiting of planets in the solar system, which is how planetary gears got their name.

Main Components of a Planetary Gear Train

The components of a planetary gear train can be divided into four main constituents. The housing with integrated internal teeth is known as a ring gear. Typically, the casing is fixed. The driving sun pinion is at the center of the ring gear and is coaxially arranged in relation to the output. The sun pinion is usually mounted on a clamping system to provide the mechanical link with the engine shaft.

During operation, the planetary gears, which are installed on a planetary carrier, roll between the sun pinion and the ring gear. Moreover, the planetary carrier also represents the output shaft of the gearbox. The only purpose of the planetary gears is to transfer the required torque. The number of teeth does not affect the transmission ratio of the gearbox, and the number of planets can also vary.

Як працуюць планетарныя перадачы

As the number of planetary gears increases, the distribution of the load increases, thus enhancing the torque that can be transmitted. Increasing the number of tooth engagements also reduces the rolling power. Since only part of the total output needs to be transmitted as rolling power, a planetary gear is extremely efficient. The advantage of a planetary gear compared to a single spur gear lies in this load distribution. Hence, it is possible to transmit high torques with high efficiency using a compact design with planetary gears.

Перавагі планетарных рэдуктараў

Planetary gearboxes have several advantages, including the coaxial arrangement of the input shaft and output shaft, load distribution to several planetary gears, high efficiency due to low rolling power, and nearly unlimited transmission ratio options due to a combination of several planet stages. They are suitable for use as an overriding gearbox and offer a favorable volume output.

Planetary Gear Motors by WLY

WLY Planetary Gear Motors are an inline solution offering high torque at low speeds. They provide excellent torque output and high efficiency compared to other types of gear motors. They can handle varying loads with minimal backlash and are ideal for intermittent duty operation. With endless reduction ratio choices, voltages, and sizes, WLY has a completely tailored gear motor solution for you.

Чаму выбіраюць WLY?

WLY has established its importance in many areas of mechanical engineering. Due to their positive properties and compact design, our gearboxes have potential uses in various industrial applications. Our products are known for their high quality, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. We invite you to explore our range of products and contact us for your requirements.

Часта задаюць пытанні

Q1: What is the purpose of the planetary gears in an epicyclic gearbox?

A: The sole purpose of the planetary gears is to transfer the required torque in an epicyclic gearbox. They play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of the gearbox.

Q2: What are some of the advantages of using a planetary gearbox?

A: Planetary gearboxes are known for their high efficiency, ability to handle large reduction ratios, high power density, and suitability for a wide variety of applications.

Q3: Why should I choose WLY’s planetary gear motors?

A: WLY’s Planetary Gear Motors are known for their high torque capabilities, sleek inline design, ability to handle large reduction ratios, and high power density. They are designed to deliver exceptional performance in a variety of applications.


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