Разуменне важнасці і прымянення крутоўных рычагоў у электрычных роварах

The Role of Torque Arm in E-Bikes

The forces exerted by a hub motor on an e-bike can be substantial. For instance, a hub motor with a 12mm axle producing 40 N-m of torque can generate a spreading force of nearly 1000lb on every dropout. A крутоўны момант is a crucial component that mitigates this force, transferring it further up the frame and thus relieving the dropout from bearing the brunt of these stresses.

Installation of Torque Arm

Securing the Axle Plate

Ensuring that the 1/4″ bolt between the axle plate and the arm is as tight as possible is crucial during installation. If it’s loose, the axle may rotate, causing the bolt to slide in the slot and potentially damaging your dropout.

Dealing with Axle Tolerances

The tolerances on motor axles may vary. The axle plate may slide on with a bit of play, fit snugly, or occasionally require a bit of filing. If there’s play due to the axle flats being slightly narrower than 10mm, you can “preload” the axle plate in a clockwise direction as you tighten everything.

Addressing Dropout Issues

Some dropouts have quick-release “lawyer lips” that prevent the torque plate from resting flat against the dropout. In such cases, a washer that fits inside the lip area is needed. We produce a custom “spacer ‘C’ washer” for this purpose, but the lock washer that comes with many hub motors is often the right width and diameter.

Protecting the Installation and Paint Job

For the hose-clamp model, adding a bit of heat-shrink tubing over the stainless band can make the installation look more discrete and prevent scratching the paint job. We include several pieces of shrink tube with each torque arm package.

Патэнцыйныя рызыкі і як іх паменшыць

In high-power devices that generate a lot of torque or setups with weak dropouts, the forces can exceed the material’s strength and pry the dropout open. When this happens, the axle spins freely, potentially damaging the motor cables and causing the wheel to fall out. In most electric bicycle hub motors, the axle is machined with flats on either side that key into the dropout slot, providing some support against rotation.

Why Choose WLY Torque Arms?

Our torque arms are crafted with precision and quality, ensuring safe and efficient transfer of forces from the hub motor to the frame. WLY is committed to providing superior products at competitive prices, backed by excellent customer service. We strongly encourage customers to explore our products and contact us for purchases. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Часта задаюць пытанні

1. How does a torque arm work on an e-bike?

A torque arm is designed to absorb and transfer the forces from the hub motor further up the frame, reducing the stress on the dropout.

2. What happens if the torque arm is not installed correctly?

If the torque arm is not installed correctly, the axle may rotate and damage the dropout, potentially causing the wheel to fall out.

3. Why should I choose WLY torque arms?

WLY torque arms are known for their quality and precision. Moreover, our products are competitively priced, and we offer excellent customer service.


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