Разуменне важнасці задняга прываднага вала вашага аўтамабіля

The rear drive shaft plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s drivetrain. Any issues with the drive shaft can significantly impact the drivability of your car. Given their location within the vehicle and their connection to the transmission, drive shafts may be challenging to access and service independently. If you suspect a problem with your Задні прывадны вал, it’s essential to have your vehicle inspected by a professional technician to determine if a replacement is needed.

Баланс карданных валаў

Before installation, driveshafts are finely balanced to ensure they do not cause vibrations. Any vibration is a sign of a problem. An excessively vibrating drive shaft can cause uncomfortable vibrations felt by the passengers and can lead to accelerated wear on other drivetrain components.

Анамальныя шумы

Unusual noises are another symptom of a problem with the driveshaft. If the bushing or bearing that supports the driveshaft or the driveshaft U-joints wear out or fail, they can hinder the driveshaft’s ability to rotate correctly. This can result in unusual rattling, clunking, scraping, or even squeaking sounds from within the vehicle.

U-joint Lubrication

A U-joint in need of lubrication may also produce a squeaking noise at low speeds. Hitting or knocking sounds, in particular, can signify a faulty CV joint. Any sounds like these are an indicator that the vehicle should be serviced as soon as possible.

Turning Problems

Issues with turning the vehicle is another likely sign of a faulty driveshaft. A damaged driveshaft can prevent the wheels from turning properly, giving you problems when trying to make turns. This problem limits your overall control of the car.

Уздрыгванне падчас паскарэння

Experiencing a significant shudder when accelerating from low speed or a stopped position can be another sign of failing driveshaft components. A loose U-joint or bad center bearing within the driveshaft may cause the faltering acceleration.

Worn-out U-joint

You may also hear sounds while the car is shuddering from the worn-out U-joint. Such issues should be checked immediately by a certified mechanic.

Why Choose WLY’s Rear Drive Shaft?

WLY’s rear drive shafts are precisely balanced and weighted because they rotate at very high speeds and torque values to turn the wheels. Any issue with the driveshaft can affect the drivability of the vehicle.


WLY’s rear drive shafts are manufactured with the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Our competitive prices and excellent customer service make us the go-to choice for all your drive shaft needs. We encourage customers to explore our products and contact us for purchases.

Часта задаюць пытанні

What are the signs of a bad rear drive shaft?

Signs include abnormal noises, turning problems, and shudder during acceleration.

Are WLY’s rear drive shafts easy to install?

While installation can be complex due to the drive shaft’s location, we recommend having a professional technician install it.

Why choose WLY for my rear drive shaft needs?

WLY offers high-quality drive shafts at competitive prices, backed by excellent customer service.

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