Разуменне каробак адбору магутнасці трактара і іх прымянення

Despite the impressive torque transmitted by tractor Power Take-Offs (PTOs), there are instances where more torque is required than a tractor can offer, or a slower speed than a standard 540 or 1,000 rpm PTO. Although accessories usually use pulleys and chain drives for torque multiplication, the most demanding situations require a gearbox for reliable and efficient operation.

Што такое каробка перадач?

A PTO gearbox is a critical component in many heavy-duty machinery, including tractors. It’s primarily used to increase torque while reducing the speed of the tractor’s PTO shaft. This gearbox is not only limited to farming applications, but it’s also commonly seen in wheel drives and other high-torque, low-speed applications.

Key Considerations in PTO Gearbox Installation

When setting up a pump for the PTO, you need to know the required pad mount such as an SAE 2- or 4-bolt flange, plus the series, like an SAE B or SAE C 4-bolt flange. Care should be taken when mounting a pump to the PTO, as the port location may interfere with chassis components or the transmission itself. These issues can often be resolved by installing an intermediate shaft, which allows the pump to be mounted in a clear location a few feet behind the transmission.

Выбар правільнай каробкі перадач

When selecting a PTO gearbox, you’ll need to provide your supplier with various parameters. These include your transmission model number, your output speed, your required torque and horsepower, and the desired shifter style. The shifter, which engages and disengages the PTO, is available with air shift, electric shift, and mechanical (cable) shift. Some newer PTOs operate via a clutch instead of sliding gears, but otherwise, the application details change little.

Why Choose WLY’s PTO Gearboxes?

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Часта задаюць пытанні

1. What is the main function of a PTO gearbox?

A PTO gearbox is primarily used to increase torque while reducing the speed of the tractor’s PTO shaft. It is essential for heavy-duty machinery and high-torque, low-speed applications.

2. What should I consider when installing a PTO gearbox?

When installing a PTO gearbox, it’s crucial to consider the pad mount and the series required for the pump. Also, the port location should not interfere with the chassis components or the transmission.

3. Why should I choose WLY’s PTO gearboxes?

WLY’s PTO gearboxes are designed with the highest quality standards, ensuring durable and efficient operation. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service.


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