Адкрыццё серыі Robust Auger Drive

WLY is proud to introduce our revolutionary Advertisement and PHD Series of Auger Drives. These cutting-edge products offer multiple motor displacements that cater to diverse GPM auger applications. Whether it is bevel gearboxes or high torque planetary gearboxes, our series are designed to meet various use requirements. Available with or without a cross port relief, our auger drives are built to prevent shock load failure. Moreover, with numerous output shaft options, the Advertisement Series offers high configurability.

Серыя PHD

The PHD Series of Auger Drives is another robust product range from WLY. The following table presents the features of the PHD-50 model:

мадэль скрынка перадач Max Intermittent Torque (Nm) Standard Motor Flange Standard Input Spline Standard Ratio
PhD-50 PhD-50 751 SAE “A” four-Bolt Magneto 13 Tooth sixteen/32 3.18:1

Рэкламныя серыі

Our Advertisement Series offers high-performance auger drives, exemplified by the models below:


The AD-02 model features a SS-02 gearbox, delivering a max intermittent torque of 1,695 Nm. It comes with a standard SAE “A” 4-Bolt Magneto motor flange, a 14 Tooth 12/24 input spline, and a 3.6 standard ratio.

Why Choose WLY Auger Drives?

WLY is a trusted provider of high-quality, cost-effective and reliable auger drives. Our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring they deliver optimal performance and longevity. Besides, our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist, making your experience with WLY seamless and rewarding. We encourage you to explore our products and contact us for any inquiries or purchases.


Часта задаюць пытанні

Q1: What kind of gearboxes are available with the Auger drives?
A1: WLY Auger drives come with either bevel gearboxes or high torque planetary gearboxes.
Q2: Can the Auger drives be configured according to specific requirements?
A2: Yes, our Advertisement Series offers high configurability, with numerous output shaft options available.
Q3: What measures are taken by WLY to prevent shock load failure in Auger drives?
A3: Our Auger drives can be provided with or without a cross port relief which is designed to prevent shock load failure.
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