Прадстаўляем унікальную марскую фланцавую муфту з плаваючым шлангам: неабходны інструмент для марской пагрузачнай прамысловасці

Specifically tailored for the offshore loading industry, the unique фланцавая муфта offers an optimal solution for floating hose operations. This spool piece flange coupling is meticulously designed for manifold extensions in confined areas, hose lifting points, and reducer couplings. It is furnished with special lifting pads, a cam guard ring, and enhanced corrosion-resistant features, making it essential for offshore applications.

Alternative Configurations and Options

The C-L coupling from WLY can be mounted on a standard spool piece provided by the customer or an optional C-L coupling with stud lengths long enough to bridle a butterfly valve and floating hose flange end. Both of these alternate configurations possess the same enhanced corrosion resistance as the spool piece type.

Flange Dimensions and Construction Materials

WLY’s CL-flange couplings are available in a wide range of sizes from 4” to 20”. Custom sizes and configurations are also available to meet any requirement. Detailed C-L flange dimensions can be sent upon request via phone, fax, or email.

Specifications for Regular Studded C-L Coupling Applications

  • Тып фланца (шыпаваны): 150 # ANSI, сталёвы тып 31655 ASTM A-182.
  • Тып шпулькі з фланцам: 150 # ANSI, кованая сталь, ASTM A-105, бакавая паверхня нікеляванага кулачка.
  • Арэхавыя блокі: сталь, ASTM A-216, WCB.
  • Кулачок: нержавеючая сталь высокай магутнасці, сплаў ASTM A-487 CA-6NM.
  • Кулачковыя балты: высокатрывалая сталь, ASTM A-311, нікеляванае пакрыццё.
  • Шпількі і гайкі: ASTM A193-B8 і A194-8A, разьба UNC, тып 304 з нержавеючай сталі.
  • O-дыяпазон: Buna-N (1 усталяваны) стандарт, 1 запасны.
  • Фітынгі для змазкі кулачковых нітаў: нержавеючая сталь тыпу 304.
  • Замыкальны ключ для кулачка: марганцавая бронза, ASTM B-147, сплаў 8А.
  • Painting Routine: Reddish colored oxide alkyd enamel o End: Jotun Pilot II #39W72 enamel blue-gray tint #F-23 o Interior: Black gloss waterborne enamel
  • Праверка ціску: 450 фунтаў на квадратны цаля (32 кг / см у квадраце).

The Versatility of Flange Coupling

Flange coupling is a crucial component when you acquire a costly and potent pump and motor, as they need to be connected to ensure optimal utilization while providing them protection from depreciation. Connecting both shafts is inevitable, and it would be simple if they could be perfectly aligned. Thanks to scientific inventions, all these challenges can be accommodated using a flexible coupling.

Flange Coupling: A Vital Connection Solution

Flange couplings are typically employed in pressurized piping systems where two pipes or tubing ends have to meet. The coupling mechanisms for flange couplings are usually robust due to either the weight of the material or the occasionally hazardous nature of materials passed through numerous modern piping systems.

The two-piece coupling unit comprises a keyed receiving side for the flanged end to be secured to, allowing it to be married to the opposing tube end, which also has a flanged end. Each flange has either a female or male coupler opening. When both ends are united, they are adjusted without causing resistance or drag in the material being passed through them. This female or male coupling technique also creates a stable connection that is impervious to shifting, keeping the flange coupling sturdily in place.

Чаму выбіраюць WLY?

At WLY, we are committed to providing top-tier products that enhance your operations. Our flange couplings are designed for durability, efficiency, and reliability. Each product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. We also offer competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your needs. So, why wait? Explore our product range and get in touch with us today!


Common Questions About Flange Coupling

1. What are the different types of flange coupling?

There are three main types of flange coupling; secure flange coupling, unprotected flange coupling, and marine flange coupling. Each type serves a specific purpose and is suitable for different applications.

2. What materials are used in the construction of flange couplings?

Flange couplings are typically made of high-strength steel, stainless steel, and various alloys depending on the specific application requirements.

3. Why should I choose WLY’s flange couplings?

WLY’s flange couplings are designed for optimum performance and durability. We employ rigorous quality checks and use high-grade materials in our manufacturing process. Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service and can assist you in finding the best product for your needs.

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