Прадстаўленне вядучых у галіны канвеерных сістэм WLY: ваша найлепшае рашэнне для праблем прамысловай транспарціроўкі

WLY’s electrical power conveyors are designed and built to last, offering viable solutions for our customers’ industrial conveying challenges. Our conveyors meet critical specifications and incorporate features that enhance productivity and longevity.

Key Conveyor System Specifications

WLY’s conveyor systems come with a number of notable features that ensure seamless operation and optimal performance. Here’s a closer look at some of these key specifications:

Грузападымальнасць на адзінку даўжыні

Our manufacturers provide this attribute to ensure that the conveyor will be constructed to a custom length, allowing users to determine loading margins.

Максімальная ёмістасць нагрузкі

Also known as flow rate, this value is stated for fixed length, purpose-built conveyors. It’s directly related to the Load Capacity per Unit Length.

Conveyor Belt System Speed

Our belt conveyors are typically rated in relation to belt speed in ft/min. Driven roller conveyors describe the linear velocity in equivalent units to a package, carton, etc. moving over the driven rollers. This rated speed also applies to our apron/slat conveyors and drag/chain/tow conveyors.

прапускная здольнасць

This measures the capacity of conveyors handling powdered materials and similar bulk products. It’s often given as a volume per unit time, such as cubic feet per minute. This attribute applies to bucket, pneumatic/vacuum, screw, vibrating, and walking beam conveyors.

Канфігурацыя кадра

The shape of the conveyor frame is what we refer to as frame configuration. Our frames can be straight, curved, z-frames, or other shapes depending on your specific needs.

Размяшчэнне на дыску

Drives can be located in different places on our conveyor systems. The most common type is a head or end drive located on the discharge side of the conveyor. We also offer center drives that can be positioned anywhere along the conveyor’s length and are mounted beneath the system. These are used for reversing the direction of a conveyor.

Віды канвеераў

At WLY, we offer a wide variety of conveyor types to cater to different industrial needs. Some of these include:

  • рэмень
  • Ролік
  • Прывадны ролік
  • Шчыра / фартух
  • Перадача мяча
  • Магнітны
  • Вядро
  • пахіл
  • Перацягванне / ланцуг / буксір
  • Накладныя выдаткі
  • Пнеўматычны / вакуумны
  • Шруба / шнек
  • Вертыкальны
  • вібруе
  • Хада пучок
  • кола

Why Choose WLY’s Conveyor Systems

Our conveyor systems are custom-built to ensure they meet the unique demands of your facility. Every WLY conveyor comes standard with a direct-drive power package, a double V-guide belt, and a three-year warranty. We offer a wide range of conveyors, including smooth belt, incline, adjustable angle, and Z-belt models. Our experts can also design custom industrial conveyor belts and chutes based on your specific needs.

At WLY, we break the paradigm associated with custom conveyor manufacturers. We offer fast and hassle-free quotes, eliminating long lead times. Our experts are always ready to go above and beyond to design the best conveyors that meet your specific needs. We don’t shy away from customization; instead, we welcome it with open arms. We’re committed to being the best conveyor system supplier in the market.

Our conveyors have been performing in the most demanding environments for more than 30 years. We have the engineering experience and field expertise in hundreds of industries, so you can be confident your equipment will perform optimally. We offer a full range of Rubber, Plastic, Slat, Wire Mesh, Chain Belt, and Roller Conveyors for unit handling and bulk handling in both dry and wet environments.

We urge you to explore our range of products and contact us to learn more about how our solutions can meet your industrial conveying needs. With WLY, you’re guaranteed premium quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service.

Часта задаюць пытанні

1. What type of conveyor is suitable for heavy loads?

Our belt conveyors are ideal for transporting heavier loads. The belt’s material is designed to match the conditions under which the belt will be operating, ensuring a thicker and stronger construction for heavier loads.

2. Can WLY’s conveyors operate at various speeds?

Yes, our belt conveyors can operate at various speeds depending on the throughput required. They can also be operated horizontally or inclined.

3. Do WLY’s conveyors come with a warranty?

Yes, every WLY conveyor comes standard with a three-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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