Насадкі для земляных свідраў WLY Auger Drive: найвышэйшая прадукцыйнасць і даўгавечнасць

Introduction to WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachments

The innovative and heavy-duty WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment is the epitome of cutting-edge technology, a result of WLY’s strategic partnership with professionals in CHINA. We present an exceptional Auger Drive, available in three distinct models, each capable of delivering significant torque per foot.

Unmatched Quality and Cost-efficiency

WLY bypasses traditional distributor mark-ups by purchasing directly from the source. In collaboration with Skid Steer Solutions, we are capable of offering manufacturer prices, ensuring superior quality at exceptional value.

Customizable Product Options

Our Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment offers a variety of customizable options, including:

  • Selection of Auger Drive Model
  • Choice of an Excavator Auger Cradle
  • Optional Auger Stump Planer
  • Optional Auger Bit, with a second one available

Innovative Planetary Gearbox Design

The CHINA-made planetary gearbox, unique to our Auger Drive, provides an immense amount of torque and longevity. Unlike competing manufacturers, WLY’s shafts are inserted from the back on a thrust plate, evenly distributing the weight, providing more power at the bit, and enhancing safety by preventing shaft pullout. WLY offers a lifetime guarantee against any shaft pullout.

Features of WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment

Магутны і трывалы

WLY’s Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment is robust, hard-working, and built to last, providing an aggressive performance that leads the industry.

Не патрабуе тэхнічнага абслугоўвання

Our planetary gearbox design is sealed with pre-installed lubrication, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. Simply attach your auger bit and get to work.

Diverse Hydraulic Flow Range

The hydraulic flow ranges from 7-30 GPM, varying according to the model, and all models include hoses.

Various Excavator Operating Weights

  • The 2500 Model is suitable for 4,400 – 8,800 lbs. (2 – 4 T)
  • The 3500 Model is perfect for 5,500 – 9,900 lbs. (2.5 – 4.5 T)
  • The 4500 Model is ideal for 6,600 – 11,000 lbs. (3 – 5 T)


Чаму выбіраюць WLY?

At WLY, we pride ourselves on the quality, affordability, and service we offer. Our Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachments are the result of advanced technology and manufacturing processes, ensuring durability and effectiveness. Our direct purchase model allows us to offer these premium products at unbeatable prices. We encourage you to explore our range and contact us for any purchase inquiries.

Часта задаюць пытанні

1. What makes the WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment unique?

WLY’s Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment boasts a unique planetary gearbox design that delivers immense torque and longevity. It also features a shaft inserted from the back, enhancing power and safety.

2. Does the WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment require regular maintenance?

No, the WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment is maintenance-free due to its sealed, pre-installed lubrication.

3. Is the WLY Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment customizable?

Yes, WLY offers a variety of customization options for the Auger Drive Earth Drill Attachment, including model selection, excavator auger cradle, and optional auger bits.



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